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Penthouse Apartment Sunroom Makeover

The Challenge

Welcome to this penthouse apartment sunroom makeover! This over-sized sunroom needed a little organizing and sprucing up. There was ALOT of “stuff” in this room that was non-functional and we resolved that common challenge. Also the furniture arrangement did not provide an inviting and welcoming feel and we resolved that challenge too!

The existing seating arrangement was all pointed to the TV that was hung high in the corner of the wall. When doable, it’s best to have a conversational arrangement and to have the TV placement directly in front of the main chairs for best viewing. We removed the blue chair and replaced by a more neutral color that coordinated well with the other furnishings in the room.

The Solution

To gain that conversations arrangement, we simply pulled one of the 3 chairs to the corner where the TV once was. The TV was then brought down to eye level on a console table that was formerly sitting under the hung TV with no usable purpose.


We cleared out the clutter by removing every item in the room that didn’t serve a purpose. And look how nice and tidy everything looks!

Designer Pro-Tip

Each piece of furniture in your room should serve a function. Even if that function is to display your beautiful accessories and memories… or to simply look pretty.

We updated the corner cabinet by painting it a cream white from it’s dated dark oak color. The client was over the moon that we found a special and prominent place for her beloved wall art that had been tucked away in a spare room. The client was extremely pleased with this penthouse apartment sunroom makeover and couldn’t wait to enjoy it with her cute dog, Utah.

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Redesign Projects

Moody, Sophisticated Dining Room Design

This was my most challenging designs yet! And it turned out better than I could have imagined. This moody, sophisticated dining room is my most unique dining room designs yet. This will make the second room makeover in this fabulous home. I just love working with client as she pushes me out of my comfort zone because her style is very much opposite of my natural tendencies. She isn’t afraid of color and she appreciates older, finer things over brand new items, And because I have a huge appreciation for older, timeless furnishings, it’s always a fun shopping trip!


The existing furnishings in this room were very traditional and all but the dining table had been left by the sellers. They had purchased this nice, well-built Amish dining table but didn’t know where to go from there. Here’s where I came in.

I suggested we updated everything including the paint color, lighting, rug and cabinet. She agreed!


This antique buffet that had been refinished in a dark charcoal paint was our inspiration piece. I sourced this from North Carolina and took a little trip to snag this beauty!



Here are the stunning BEFORE and AFTERS



Redesign Projects

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Design – Living Area

We were invited to help Amanda create a modern rustic farmhouse design so that her home felt “like home” to her and her family. Although we redesigned most of the rooms in her home, the living room experience the biggest transformation. Her black leather sofas fit perfectly with the modern rustic farmhouse design. We did make several purchases for this room but also were able to move some beautiful underutilized pieces from other rooms in the home to complete this design.

Design Changes:

Pairing down the mantle and adding small wall sconces resulted in a simple, peaceful focal point.

An antique chest we discovered in another room serves as the perfect side table.

Trading out the buffalo plaid curtains for white sheers brings a bit of sophisticated to the farmhouse look.

The existing rug was not right-sized so we selected a larger, neutral option with a bold pattern.

Amanda’s current coffee table was small for the room so we switched it out for a taller, square table with some farmhouse flare.

Amanda needed a place to work for a few hours a day and I discovered the perfect spot! This wide walkway between the living area and kitchen offered an amazing opportunity for an office area. We replaced the small-scale sofa table with this substantial, beautiful desk I spotted in the basement. An oversized ottoman was the perfect fit and tucks nicely under the desk. It is so cute that I wanted to sit right down and work from that space!

Amanda had a lot of shelving space. She also had a lot of decor to display. We paired it down a bit to her favorite items and by adding some books for texture we and interest, we were able to create appealing vignettes. Because the TV is tucked away, the fireplace becomes the focal point – as it should be. I’m sure you noticed the fabulous pink, fabric, antique chair. This piece was the most exciting shopping trip find! It couldn’t have been more perfect for this space.

You’ll notice the oversized armoire at the back wall that we switched out with a black, distressed bookshelf I spotted in the basement. This offers some additional shelving for decor and was a much better fit for the room.

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Redesign Projects

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Home Makeover – Entryway

We were invited to help Amanda make her home feel “like home”. This was one of the most rewarding redesigns yet! She had so many nice decor pieces she had bought over the years, but had no idea how to use them. Can you relate?

Amanda was frustrated and ready for her home to be a place her and her family could relax and enjoy. She did provide a budget to purchase new items to compliment the items she’d already purchased.

Project Scope

We transformed many rooms in her home. These included the entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen, half bath, master bedroom and guest bedroom. We also added an office area which she was previously lacking. (Can’t wait to show you how we incorporated that into the room).

Because this was such a large project, I’m sharing with you a room-by-room reveal.

First up, the entry way

This is a large entryway but was visually small because the rug was undersized for the length of the area. The client had 2 of the same rugs so we simply added another rug to visually expand the space.

We removed the large bench seat and replaced with a backless bench from another room. To soften the metal on the railing, we added soft, large pillows and a floor plant.

Since every entryway needs a table (if space allows), we recommended a custom narrow table be built for this space. It just so happened that my entry table would look perfect. So I gave her the specs to have one just like it built. It turned out fabulous! This was the welcoming touch this space needed.

She purchased the lamp set from Kirkland’s and I made the custom wreath to compliment the design. Everything else were items she already had. She really did have some amazing decor to work with!

We modernized this quilt rack a bit by removing the quilt and adding floral. We simplified the shelf by using word art she already had and just one small greenery accessory.

Creative vignettes add texture and bring this space to life.

We found this amazing picture hidden in another area of the home and it’s now showcasing in the entryway.

This is the mud room off the entryway that we prettied up a bit.

The client was so pleased with her new, inviting entryway.

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Redesign Projects

Sandra’s Music Room Makeover

Sandra’s Music Room Makeover was such a unique and fun project! Sandra wanted her tired, outdated den transformed into a cool, relaxing music room for her husband to enjoy. This was such a heart-felt gesture, and one we were so happy she invited us to make it happen!

The Fireplace

First item on the agenda was convincing her husband to paint the fireplace. He was reluctant at first but once he saw the inspirational picture and learned we were proposing navy blue (his favorite color), he gave the green light. Sherwin Williams NAVAL is my go-to navy and it turned out just perfectly! It gave this room a sophisticated, masculine style.

Second item on the agenda was determining what stays and what goes. Sandra gave us a blank footprint and only requested that one chair needed to remain in the space. Our first purchase was this large light-toned rug with hints of navy.

Sandra was over the moon about her Music Room Makeover result and her husband loves his new space!

If you are ready for a home makeover (or a room makeover), we are ready to make it happen. So whether you are interested in a DIY Redesign Plan that you can execute on your own or if you’d like it done for you, we are here to help! Contact US.

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