Interior Decor & Design Services

We offer Consultations & Full Service Design

My Full Service Interior Design Services are right for you if….

  • You don’t have a vision for your space
  • You don’t want to invest the time
  • You want it done for you
  • You are able to make quick decisions when given options
  • You want a sophisticated, yet simple design
Full Service Design service Options
  • Room Design Plan
  • Budget Creation and Tracking
  • Project Management for Renovation Project
  • Product Sourcing and Shopping
  • Product Assembly & Delivery
  • Design Installation

My Consultation Services are right for you if….

(Also offered virtually)

  • You need help with just a few design decisions
  • You need design advice on certain aspects of your renovation
  • You need a jump start to get started on DIY project
  • Room Layout & Function
  • Design Board Creation
  • Provide Sourcing and Product Links
  • Color Selection
  • Finishes Section
  • Creative Ideas
⭐DesignER on demand⭐- VIRTually

This service is great when you just need a little help making a few design choices. Get the help you need so that you can move forward with your project. Only pay for the time you need. Service available in 30 min increments.

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