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Quick & Easy Room Update on a Low Budget: Furniture Arrangement Redo

This home styling pro-tip will get you a quick win and get you motivated and moving. Big-impact changes don’t have to be time consuming and expensive. Start making your home feel like home today using my quick and easy room decor updates on a zero budget.

# 1 Furniture Arragement redo

The living room is likely the most used room in your home, which makes it the best candidate for optimal functionality. Simply arranging your furniture using these home styling guidelines, you will experience big impact with the flow, function and feel of the space. Rearranging your room for maximum flow and function comes at $0 cost (and just a bit of manpower).

5 Pro Tips for Funiture arrangment

✔️Choose a focal point – Just one.

✔️ Consider traffic flow- Traffic should be routed around the furniture not through the center of the room.

✔️ Create Conversational Seating Arrangement – Seating should face inward to create inviting, comfortable feel.

✔️ Use right-sized rugs – Rugs should be large enough to hold the front legs of all seating. Too many rugs in the space makes a space feel disjointed and closed in.

✔️ Put tables within reach – Every seat in the room should have comfortable access to a hard surface.

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