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Soften up your seating

Here’s to softening things up a bit!

The design

By adding a small table, we’ve added another element of functionality. It’s most natural to have access to a table top surface in any seating area. If that functionality is absent, the space doesn’t feel as purposeful. Another extremely important element is pillows. I highly recommend pillows (appropriately sized) or a textured throw to add a soft, comfortable and inviting feel. These pastel solid, oblong pillows worked perfectly in toning down the bold pattern and color. The wood trim on the wall art and stones in the vase bring in the natural element of wood and earth while the burlap trimmed pillows ties the chairs in nicely with those elements.

The result

This sitting area was transformed into an inviting spot to enjoy. It’s now both visually pleasing and functional. Now it’s your turn to soften up your space. Give it a try!

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