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Soften up your seating

Here’s to softening things up a bit!

The design

By adding a small table, we’ve added another element of functionality. It’s most natural to have access to a table top surface in any seating area. If that functionality is absent, the space doesn’t feel as purposeful. Another extremely important element is pillows. I highly recommend pillows (appropriately sized) or a textured throw to add a soft, comfortable and inviting feel. These pastel solid, oblong pillows worked perfectly in toning down the bold pattern and color. The wood trim on the wall art and stones in the vase bring in the natural element of wood and earth while the burlap trimmed pillows ties the chairs in nicely with those elements.

The result

This sitting area was transformed into an inviting spot to enjoy. It’s now both visually pleasing and functional. Now it’s your turn to soften up your space. Give it a try!

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Redesign Projects

Colorful Entryway Makeover

Who doesn’t love a fabulous entryway? This particular entryway makeover was a bit out of the norm and here’s why. This family had the most amazing, large, meaningful, bright-colored painting in an upstairs bonus room where it wasn’t getting much exposure. The extremely high ceiling in the foyer was begging for something spectacular. Well, it certainly got what is was asking for and in a colorful entryway kind-of-way!

The clients had purchased a great entry table and they just weren’t sure how to make it grand, which is what prompted their call to us in the first place. We ended up transforming all the main areas of their home, and this colorful entryway was task number one. When we are invited to transform multiple rooms for a client, we are able to use all the great stuff that is scattered throughout the home. It’s like going on a shopping trip in their own home for just the right furnishings for each room. (You’d be surprised how you can use the things you already have to create new spaces).

We removed the driftwood-type mirror from the foyer (although we did love it, just not in that space) and replaced it with this amazing painting. It was a WOW moment when we placed it on the wall for sure! We then snagged some baskets and pillows from another area of the home to add some interest to the bottom shelf of the table. All accessories on the table were purchased for the space, along with the gray-toned entry rug. Entryway makeover complete!

Wondering where we used the drift-wood mirror?

This unique mirror went perfectly over the dining room buffet (which was previously being used in the family room as the TV stand).

This colorful entryway turned out beautifully! Guests are now greeted with this meaningful piece of art that represents this family’s values. We used much of what the homeowner already had and only purchased a few accent pieces to tie the design together.


Are you ready for a room redo? We’d love to help you transform your space into one you love. Check out our redesign services and Contact US to get started!

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Home Styling Guide Redesign Projects

Styling your Nook

Do you have a quirky space in your home and you just don’t know what to do with it? This homeowner had this beautiful build in but it just wasn’t very functional for them. It ended up being a drop station with no real functional purpose. Typically a built in such as this would serve as a space for coats, shoes and other things you might drop as you walk through the entry way. However, this built-in was no longer in an entryway. The homeowner made some changes to their home and the door adjacent to this nook was no longer an entry point to the home. In fact, they had a fabulous built-in located in the garage that served the purpose well. So, what can we do with this space?

Because the built-in is in the main area of the home and very visible from the kitchen and dining area, it needed to be pretty, yet functional. I’m all about function because homes are meant to live in! The homeowners entertained often and needed as much seating as they could get. We decided to make this an inviting, extra seating area as well as something visually pleasing. I think we pulled it off! Check out how we made it happen:

Have we given you some ideas for your quirky space? If you need some extra help, we are here for you! If you’ve made the transformation on your own, good for you! Would you share your before and after photos with us (text or email).