Redesign Projects

Kitchen Refresh # 5

From dark and outdated to light and inviting! WOW what a transformation. One reason I LOVE kitchen refreshes is that you can make some huge transformations without breaking the bank.

Updates to this kitchen include:

  • Painted Cabinetry
  • Tile Backsplash
  • New Granite Countertops
  • Added Trim Detail on Island
  • Replaced Cabinetry Hardware
  • Replaced Overhead Lighting
  • Replaced Desk Cabinet with Standard-Sized Cabinetry

Need a project manager and designer to make your dream kitchen a reality? Or maybe you prefer to DIY it and just need some direction?

Either way, we can help. Inquire HERE about our services.

Redesign Projects

Kitchen Redesign # 2

High-end refresh on a casual budget

This is one of our most transformative kitchen makeovers so far. The homeowner’s desire was to gain top dollar for this lakefront, luxury-living home. A kitchen refresh (along with a fresh coat of paint throughout and some other minor cosmetic changes) would get them there. They offered us complete creative control on this project. Because we were choosing a design that would appeal to the most number of buyers, we went with a very neutral color palette. White stands for all things pure and clean. So whether you are listing your home or want to love your kitchen (which btw is where we typically spend most of our time in the home), white is a great choice.

The Challenge

The more existing elements you are working around with any design, the more challenging it will be. For instance, the tile floors in this home needed to stay. We were working with a casual budget and new tile throughout was not in the plan. So although all the other colors in the room were being updated, the floors were remaining a creamy-taupe mix. When choosing colors, you must first consider the existing colors that are unable to be changed and go from there. Many projects make a wrong turn when the existing color palette is ignored. In this project, we coordinated a mild gray-toned wall color with a soft, white cabinetry color. (Side note – when you say you want “white” cabinets, that doesn’t really mean stark white cabinets because that is not typically what you are visualizing. There are many white choices – choose wisely and carefully.)

The final element that turned this kitchen from dark and dreary to light and airy is the beautiful granite countertops. This color blended beautifully with the wall and tile color and tied the gray and taupe tone together nicely in a very subtle way. This kitchen is easy on the eyes. In other words, you see all the elements as one beautiful design versus your eye being drawn to each individual element in the room. And that, my friend, examples a fabulous outcome!


Kitchen are the new heart of the home, whereas in the past, living rooms held that title. Your kitchen is likely the most entered room in the house.

Fun fact about kitchens – By the mid-’90s nearly all new construction homes incorporate some level of open-concept. Since that was over 20 years ago, it is likely to be time for a refresh, right?

Did this refresh impact this home sale? You be it did! This one was under contract is 10 days and at top dollar! Contact us for your kitchen refresh if you are interested in gaining a sophisticated design on a casual budget.

Staging Projects

Top Dollar Lakefront Living (Vacant)

Home Refresh and Staging Project

Which home would you want to purchase? It’s a no-brainer, right? And which home would you be willing to pay more for? Another no-brainer. This “house-to-home” project involved giving the house a face-lift (refresh) and vacant home staging for highest buyer appeal. In order to gain top dollar for this home, the sellers were willing to update key elements that would make the highest impact. Among this list was fresh paint throughout, updated lightening and a fabulous kitchen make-over.

With just those few key updates coupled with a simple, yet sophisticated home stage, this house has been transformed into a home that buyer’s will emotionally connect to. Check out this surprising transformation.

Before and Afters


Redesign Projects

Kitchen Redesign # 1

Budget-friendly, high-impact kitchen transformation

If you are like most, you and your family spend a lot of time in your kitchen. And if you are like me, the kitchen is not your favorite place to be. But just because it’s not my favorite place to be doesn’t mean I don’t want to love it while I’m in it.  According to HomeAdvisor, the average kitchen remodel costs around $25,000. Yowza!

My own, personal kitchen transformation came in under $5,000, and although it looked like a complete overhaul, it was not. In each of my redesigns, I’m committed to using what is already there and making it better. This is why my redesign solutions are practical and budget-friendly.

check out how I did it!

These budget-friendly solutions certainly had a high-impact. This kitchen was outdated and cramped so we opened up the doorway into the dining room to create a large, open flow between the two spaces. This opened up the kitchen tremendously. Next, it was time to choose colors and finishes. A fresh coat of wall color in SW Mindful Gray set the tone for the color palette. Polished Silver was used to update the light wood cabinets, and white quartz counter tops pulled this beautiful design together.

The kitchen island was freestanding and was painted the same color as the kitchen cabinets to give a cohesive, seamless design. A black granite slab was placed on top of the island to add a bit of contrast. Finally, to add a touch of vintage, a coffee bar was created on the shorter wall by using one of my heirloom furniture pieces (also painted in Polished Silver). To complete the coffee bar, floating shelves were added to display our kid’s artwork mugs.

This once cramped kitchen was now an open airy space with a touch of elegance. This was the very first kitchen project Christy completed over 4 years ago. She was going for a large impact kitchen transformation and that is exactly what she got! (Before pictures were unable to be located.)

How will a kitchen renovation affect your home’s value? Check out what Dave Ramsey has to say HERE. According to a recent survey, 80% of homebuyers placed the kitchen in their list of top three most important spaces.

Christy has since sold this home. It went under contract in just a few days for 98% of asking price. Did the kitchen transformation help sell this home quick and for top dollar? You bet it did!

We tranforms spaces with a practical budget in mind. Call us for your next kitchen project.