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10 Best Spring Tips to Sell Your Home

Here are the best spring tips to sell your home. Selling your home can be stressful any time of year it is, but if you are thinking about selling, springtime might be a perfect time! 

Help your property shine in a busy spring market with these tips to get your home ready to show. By completing these steps, your house will stand out and leave a lasting impression with buyers.

HERE ARE the 10 best spring tips to sell your home.

🌼Declutter, toss and donate – Check out my 12 Quick & Easy Organizing Tips for a Tidy Home for some practical decluttering ideas.

🌼Spruce up your landscaping – Whether your landscape area is large or small it’s important to keep it tidy and clear of any weeds. The buyer needs to see how easy it is to keep up with the landscaping chores. In their mind, If you can keep it nice and tidy, so can they. Get more First Impression tips HERE.

🌼Apply a fresh coat of paint – Color is tricky, especially when choosing a color for resale. Remember, it’s not about personal taste, it’s about appealing to the masses when selecting a color. Neutral is always best, but neutral is not always straight-forward. Check out the best paint colors to sell your home.

🌼Perform necessary repairs – Everyone has busy schedules and the last thing a busy family wants are repairs (even if minor) to take care before moving into their new home. Take the time to tackle these items before listing your home.

🌼Make your front door area look inviting – A rug (layered is even better) and a simple wreath will do the trick! Get some ideas by checking out some of our previous At Your Door Packages.

🌼Let in natural light – I recommend removing or raising the blinds and adding sheer curtains for maximum light entry. Natural light makes rooms appear larger and the more perceived real estate you can showcase, the higher the impact.

🌼Get rid of outdated decor and fixtures – Nothing dates a home quicker than outdated decor and fixtures. If your decor is outdates (even if you love it), tuck it away and purchase a few newer pieces for staging. Elevate the Luxury of your Home with these lighting ideas.

🌼Consider upgrades – The right upgrades will bring a return on investment. The wrong upgrades will cost you. Check out these Top 15 Updates that Pay Off when selling your home.

🌼Clean all floors – No one wants to envision themselves living in a dirty house, especially someone else’s dirt. Spend the extra money to get a deep clean if cleaning is not your thing. It will be worth the cost or effort.

🌼Stage your home to help expedite a sale – Both vacant and occupied homes need home staging and styling to showcase the home and raise the perceived value and size. It’s difficult to be objecting about your furnishing, decor and placement of it all. Bring in a professional to assist. I’d love to help! (In-person and virtual services available). Check out the 4 Reasons Why Home Staging is Worth the Cost.

Taking action with these 10 Best Spring Tips to Sell Your Home will make your property most appealing to buyers and gain you higher offers.

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Staging Projects

Ranch-Style Home Value Maximized (Vacant Stage)

The outcome of this home sale is proof that vacant home staging is an investment, not an expense. The agent suggested staging and although the seller’s didn’t feel it was necessary, they certainly changed their mind after seeing the home showcased at it’s highest potential.

The results (huge payoff!)

Pre-staged perceived value $220,000.

20 Showings and under contract day 1.

Post-staged realized value $250,000.

Return on investment was 1400%

Yes, this seller made $30K over what they expected to gain with an investment of only a few thousand dollars.

before and afters
Beauty shots
View complete project gallery

Contact us for a quote before you list and experience a huge return on your investment!

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Home Styling Guide

10 Ways to Liven Up Your Space with Color

Color is a MUST when it comes to taking a space from blah to beautiful. You don’t have to have a big budget to infuse your rooms with the colors you love. Here are 10 creative ways to liven up your space with color.

Try these 10 creative ways to liven up your interiors just by adding some fun splashes of color to your decor.

💚 Hang bold artwork – I love brining in bright pops of color with artwork. It’s a great way experiment with color without a huge commitment (like you would make with a bold paint color). If you like to change up things frequently, this is a great way to keep things interesting and easy to switch out.
💛 Add colorful accessories – Using colorful accessories can be fun. It also can be tricky. Be sure your colors are coordinating and not clashing. I like to keep my bold, bright colors to a minimum of 2-3 in each room. This ensures your room remains soothing, relaxing and cohesive.
💚 Embrace colorful wallpaper – Wallpaper is back my friend, embrace it! Wallpaper is a great option for an accent way or hall bathroom. They don’t it make it like they used to (which is a good thing). Changing out will take a bit of effort if you change your mind but at least your sheet rock will remain in tact with the new products. Try a peel and stick if you aren’t quiet sure you are ready to fully commit long-term.
💛.Brighten up with throw pillows – Throw pillow cover change out is a quick and inexpensive way to add a pop of color. If you find a style you like, I recommend ordering at least one other color. This will give you an accessible option when you need a change. (Amazon is my go to for pillow covers. These are one of my favorite styles.)

💚 Incorporate fresh flowers – If maintaining fresh flowers is too much for you, purchase some vibrant artificial floral. You’ll find many different colors and textures that coordinate well together. I recommend taking your vase when purchasing artificial floral. Hobby Lobby has the best deal with 1/2 floral every 2-3 weeks. Check their weekly sales ad before heading to the store.

💛 Switch up your fabrics – Switching up fabrics can be done by reupholstering a worn chair or ottoman. Consider this before considering tossing it to the curb and replacing with something new (especially if the piece hold sentimental value or is super-comfortable).

💚 Get a bright area rug – Rugs are a great way to anchor a space and add a lot of “cozy” to a room. Check the pile height to be sure it’s right for the space and the function. I love shopping for rugs at my local discount stores (Sam’s Club is a great option) but when I need to go online, is one of my go-to stores.

💛 Reflect color with mirrors – Use mirrors sparingly but use them for sure! When you are hanging a mirror, you should pay close attention to what will be reflected in the view and not only where the mirror itself looks good on the wall. Antique stores are a great place to find some unique mirrors. If you are up for it, you can change out the antique look with some paint.

💚 Paint an accent wall – This isn’t may favorite options, but it’s an option none-the-less. As you’ve probably heard me say before, “paint is an inexpensive way to may a huge impact”. Choose your color wisely or you could be making an impact you weren’t expecting to make.

💛 Bring in some live greenery – Plants (live or artificial) bring life to any space. Any chance you have to bring the outdoors in is an opportunity to bring in the feeling of relaxation and peace. And who doesn’t need more of that in their life?


Now that you have 10 creative ways to liven up your space with color, it’s time to starting infusing your space!

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Home Styling Guide

Easy Easter Decorating Ideas

Get your home ready for Easter with these 7 easy Easter decorating ideas. No need to overdo it. Simple is always best when it comes to holiday decor. I find that when I keep my holiday decor simple using just a few accessories, I’m more likely to get them out of the box each year.

Try just one, or try them all!

Easy Easter Decorating Ideas
Here are 7 last minute easy easter decorating ideas that will get your home looking festive for the holiday!

🐰 Hang a spring wreath on your door – If you are like me and love simple wreaths, purchase a grapevine wreath with a garland strand of your choice. Wrap the greenery around the wreath, cut to size and secure with raffia. (Eucalyptus or lambs ear are both great choices). This can be done for under $20.

🐰 Create a tablescape with bright or pastel colors – If your aren’t quite comfortable yet creating vignette groupings, check out my Create the Perfect Coffee Table Vignette guide for some tips. These same decorating principles can be used when creating a tablescape.

🐰 Make a statement with fresh greenery and flowers – If you have access to fresh flowers and have the time to maintain them (and change them out frequently) this is a great option for a kitchen island centerpiece. Smooth, glass vases are inexpensive (Dollar Tree) and will look amazing! If that seems a bit too much work, artificial floral and greenery will work just fine (my personal preference). Just be sure what you are purchasing looks real and not plastic.

🐰 Fill glass jars with sweet treats – If you have kiddos, this will be their favorite part of the decor!

🐰 Create a vignette with birds, bunnies and eggs – Create a grouping on your coffee table or dining buffet with these festive items. Use books of coordinating colors to add texture and height to your vignette.

🐰 Mix some botanical prints into your decor – If you have some extra wall space, add a collage of botanicals. These prints can be easily changed out as the seasons change.

🐰 Plant some flowers in pots by your front door – Nothing says “hello spring” like fresh flowers in oversized planters on the front porch entryway.


Now that you know how to get your home ready for Easter with these 7 easy Easter decorating ideas, it’s time to get to work. Have fun creating!

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Home Styling Guide

Create the Perfect Coffee Table Vignette

One of the things you can change seasonally in your home at a low cost (or even no cost) are coffee table vignettes. You just need to spend a few minutes following these steps to create the perfect coffee table vignette you will love!

Follow these 7 easy decorating tips to create the perfect coffee table vignette to spruce up your space!

🌿 Use a decorative tray to ground your vignette. Trays are an ideal starting point for any vignette. You have many sizes and colors to choose from. Be sure the style of the tray fits the design style of the room. Additionally, select a finish that will pop against the coffee table. If you have a light-colored table, you may opt for a darker toned tray and visa versa.

🌿 Vary the height of your objects. Varying the heights of your objects adds interests and ensures your design doesn’t fall flat (no pun intended). Be mindful not to interfere with sight lines from one seating to another when using taller floral arrangements.

🌿 Include some life on your table with flowers or a plant. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be a live plant or flower to add the perception of “life”. It just needs to look real and vibrant (avoid plastic-looking succulents and floral).

🌿 Keep your color palette consistent with the rest of the room. Your coffee table vignette should add beauty to the room and compliment the space. It shouldn’t be the “show-stealer”. A good design is one in which the eyes glide effortlessly across the room, enjoying every part of what each element has to offer.

🌿 Add some personality with something quirky. For instances, add a pineapple (like pictured) or animals always add a fun element (giraffes, birds, elephants, etc.) If fruit and animals are not your style, simply add on object with an interesting shape.

🌿 Include a variety of textures and shapes. Texture is often overlooked whether designing a room or a simple vignette. Using different textured objects in your vignette will ensure that WOW factor that will set your design apart.

🌿 Use books for interest. – Books are my favorite vignette accessories. You can introduce color, texture, height and personality with books. Face the title outward if the book title is meaningful to you and brings a sense of home and peace to the room.


Now that you know how to make your small space seems bigger, it’s time to get to work on making your small room look fabulous!

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